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Talent Right When You Need it

In today’s dynamic and highly regulated employment landscape, timely access to the right talent is key to organizational success. Kinetic Staffing excels in responding to this need, offering high-quality personnel for a range of durations. Our services include mid to long-term contract positions, contract-to-permanent, and direct hire roles.

With over a decade of experience in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) staffing across multiple states, Kinetic stands as a leader in this niche. This extensive experience has honed our ability to navigate diverse project demands, enabling us to provide tailored staffing solutions that are both innovative and effective. Our track record, rich in varied project landscapes, showcases our commitment to delivering excellence and adaptability in every assignment.

Kinetic is the partner you need for comprehensive and efficient project management staffing solutions. Our services cover everything from pinpointing the ideal candidates to simplyfing digital onboarding , payroll, and benefits administration. We ensure a quick and effective approach to staffing, addresing all your project-based needs.

When your project calls for specialized staffing strategies, count on us as your trusted partner. We’re equipped to evaluate and develop a staffing plan that’s perfectly tailored to the specifics of your projetcs. By partnering with us, you’ll be laying the foundation for a successful project, supported by a team that’s not only strong and capable but also ideally suited to your project management goals.

Winning strategies for yours project's championship team.

Kinetic is ready to assemble your project management all-starts,

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