A trusted partner

For over a decade, Kinetic Staffing has been one of the national leaders in legal search.

From partner and multi-partner placements to associate search and even strategic staff searches, we understand the business of law firms and the talent landscape as well as any search firm in the United States.

Kinetic places a heavy emphasis on servicing law firms across a wide range of service areas that help solve human capital needs. We regularly work with law firms in markets throughout the southeastern United States in markets like Jackson, New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta.

Ability to scale

Providing top notch client service requires the ability for firms to flex their capabilities.  Often times that means ramping up capacity for either short term or long term engagements in a remote location.

Whether the need is permanent or for a defined time period, Kinetic has the ability to help.  We regularly mobilize hourly attorneys for firms for document management/review, trial prep, onsite compliance work and scores of other applications.  Using digital onboarding and one of the most advanced talent databases available, we can move fast to meet any demand.

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