Making the Math Work

For over fifteen years, Kinetic Staffing has excelled in providing top-tier accounting professionals for both long-term staffing and direct hire. Our history is marked by successfully placing numerous CPAs and accounting experts, both individually and in teams. We have aided progressive accounting and law firms across the country in navigating and solving complex talent acquisition challenges.

Kinetic Staffing offers tailored solutions for all your accounting needs, from covering short-term needs to planning for your long-term growth. We get the ins and outs of the accounting world, making sure your team gets the right people with the exact skills you need.

Our approach is all about understanding what makes your business tick. We find professionals who are not just great at what they do but also fit right into your company’s culture. This means you get a team that works well together, bringing both skill and professionalism to your accounting tasks.

With Kinetic Staffing, putting together a strong and efficient accounting team is easy. Count on us to turn your accounting challenges into chances for growth, pushing your business forward and raising the bar in financial excellence.

Scoring with precision, like every number counts.

Kinetic is the staffing partner you need. Let’s work together to build your accounting dream team.
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